Lachezar Haralampiev

Co-Founder & Quant Researcher

Lachezar is a highly skilled and accomplished expert in the field of algorithmic trading, with a wealth of experience in the quant hedge fund industry. Prior to Quant Factory, he spent a couple of years as a Data Science & Quant Research Consultant for a top-tier, multi-billion dollar quantitative hedge fund, where he was involved in research, development, and implementation of different algorithmic strategies based on datasets in economics and finance. His expertise extends end-to-end through all different steps in quantitative strategies building using Python, from data preprocessing and feature engineering to backtesting, optimization, machine learning, and deployment.


Radoslav Haralampiev

Co-Founder & Quant Developer

Radoslav is a highly accomplished expert in the field of algorithmic trading and a vital member of the Quant Factory team. As the COO, he plays a key role in driving the company's success and ensuring smooth operation. With over 450 successful projects under his belt, he is a seasoned developer in both Python and Pine Script and has a deep understanding of quantitative trading and strategy backtesting. He is known for his customer-centric approach and a strong drive for business growth.